Fine Tuning Your Logo: Logo Text

You might be happy with the font included in your selected logo template, but like the other elements of your logo it can be adjusted to fully reflect your brand.

Check out this walkthrough video that goes into further detail, or scroll down for the step-by-step process:

The Text of your logo can be edited in both the Business Name and the Slogan sections of the editor:

The Business Name is the most prominent text line on your logo, while the Slogan is typically smaller. You can change the text content at the top of the editing menu for both.

The Business Name also allows you to add a trademark symbol - enter the trademark text, and click Save. You can add it as superscript, subscript, and in a small circle:

You can manually adjust the colour of both elements as well - use the colour picker to use a preset colour, or fine tune the colour to your liking.

You can change the case of your text to set it up in allcaps, all lower case, or mixed case.

The Multi Line and Text Alignment settings are not an option for every layout, but when available can make impactful changes to your logo:

The Change Text Align controls allow you to justify your text, and the Multi Line toggle allows you to stack your text vertically, rather than horizontally.

Some layouts place the text over top of the icon, and places an outline around it to help it stand out from the background. If you use this layout, you'll have the option to change the Outline Width on the text:

Further down we can change the font for the Business Name and Slogan.

The Font Filter allows you to narrow your search by font style (Serif, Sans-Serif, Handwriting, etc).

You can select your desired font further down the menu. Some fonts allow for variants in font weight (Light, Regular, Bold) when you select them:

Most preset templates combine complimentary (but not clashing) fonts for easy readability. For example, the Business Name on this logo is a Serif font, while the Slogan is Sans-Serif. This provides a contrast, although the actual selected fonts have a similar look and feel so they don't clash.

For a more uniform look, you can use the Set to Slogan Font and Set to Business Name Font shortcut buttons to automatically change the Business Name font to the Slogan Font, or vice versa.

Once you've fine tuned your Business Name and Slogan text options, click Get Your Logo to save your changes - but don't forget to save Favourites as you go in case you need to fall back on an older version!

If you're a Pro Plan subscriber, your selected fonts and other branding will be automatically featured on many of your templates, including business cards, letterhead, and social media templates.

If you'd like to learn more about best practices in selecting a font, check out this post from the blog!

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