Fine Tuning Your Logo: Advanced Colour Edits

Although the Logo Design Engine provides a number of preset colour themes, you can manually select the colours of several different design elements.

Check out this walkthrough video that goes into further detail, or scroll down for the step-by-step process:

When editing your logo, select the Colours option on the left-hand menu:

From here you will be able to change the colours of the Business Name, Slogan, Icon, and Background.

To make your change, click on the corresponding colour of each element - a colour picker will open.

The colour picker allows you to manually select a specific hue - you can then move the cursor across the saturation and brightness selector. The further to the right you drag the cursor, the more saturated the colour. The further to the top you drag the cursor, the brighter the colour.

If you know the hexadecimal code for your colour, you can enter it directly into the Hex field - similar fields are available for RGB values.

The Hex field is great if you see a particular colour online that you like and would like to replicate. Use an eyedropper browser plugin to sample the colour you like, then just paste the hexadecimal value right into the colour picker!

We also have simple preset colours that you can select, as well as some gradients to help add additional depth and character - check out our Blog post that demonstrates best practices for using gradients on your logo, complete with several real-world examples!

If you are using two separate colours for the Business Name and Slogan, you can use the Multi-Colour option.

If you're looking to keep it simple, you can scroll through additional preset colour themes as well.

When you've completed your colour edits, just hit Get Your Logo in the upper right corner. Don't forget to save a version to your favourites in case you want to make more changes later, and need a version to fall back on.

If you're a Pro Plan subscriber, your selected colours and other branding will be featured automatically on many of your templates, including business cards, letterhead, and social media templates.

Interested in learning more about how the right colours can impact your brand? Check out our deep dive on brand colours on the blog!

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