Reviewing your account invoices

Each payment has its own invoice. To open and print billing invoices for your subscriptions, open the Billing page and scroll down to Invoice History and click on the icon beside the Date of the invoice you want to open. On the page that opens, you have the option to download the invoice or receipt.

Invoices automatically appear in your Billing page in chronological order, starting with your most recent payment.


If you contact us, we may need to verify your account. You can provide information found on a recent invoice, like the last four digits of the most recent payment method used for your subscription. To review your current subscriptions, including domains and business email, visit Checking billing subscriptions.

What's on an invoice

All of our invoices contain a standardized set of information outlined below. You can't customize or edit invoices. 

Invoices include:

  • The cardholder name and name
  • Customer's email
  • Last four digits of the payment method charged
  • Amount due and paid
  • business information and email
  • The subscription plus any specifics
  • Subtotal
  • Total
  • Discount, if applicable
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