Checking your billing subscriptions

This guide shows how to check billing subscriptions for the following services:

All subscriptions can be managed on the Billing page of your account. Under Manage your plans, you will find the subscription name, price and pay frequency, renewal date, payment method and the ability to Cancel a subscription.

Understanding independent billing subscriptions

All subscriptions are independent from each other. This means that changing or canceling one subscription doesn’t automatically affect other subscriptions.

For example, if you end a website subscription with a domain connected, the domain subscription remains active, even after the website ends. You need to cancel the domain subscription separately.

Similarly, if you have multiple business emails on your account, cancelling or changing the billing plan of one won't affect the others. To act on multiple business email subscriptions, repeat steps to change or cancel a subscription for each additional business email.

Domain subscriptions

To check your domain subscriptions, including domains you've transferred to

  1. Open your domains dashboard.
  2. Find the domain you want to check and click Manage.
  3. To view more details, click the domain to open the domain details page. 


If you purchased your domain through a third-party, contact the third-party for help with your domain subscription.

View your invoices

Payments for each service on your account generate separate invoices, starting with the most recent payment.

To learn how to find and download your invoices, visit Reviewing your account invoices.

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