Getting Started with Titan Mail

Enhance your brand by creating email addresses that use your own custom domain - getting started is incredibly easy if you use a domain, but you can bring your own domain from elsewhere as well!

To get started, select Business Email from the left hand menu, and then Get Business Email

If you have a domain, you will be prompted to connect it to your mailbox, and the configuration will be automatic and you will be prompted to purchase your mailbox.

If no domain is associated with your account, you will be prompted to either purchase a new domain from or connect an existing domain:

If you already have a domain purchased elsewhere, select Connect External Domain. You can also purchase a new domain on the spot by selecting Get a domain now.

Purchasing the mailbox

Select the number of mailboxes that you'd like to purchase. Each email address that you want to use will need its own mailbox. Select the Annual or Monthly Plan, and then Continue

Verify your domain name and select Go to checkout:

Once payment has been processed for your mailboxes, if you have a domain that has been automatically configured, you'll be prompted to set up your mailbox.

If you have a domain outside of, you'll be prompted to manually connect your domain. A list of domain registrars is available to help you access your domain's DNS settings:

If your domain registrar isn't on the list, or if you already know how to access your DNS settings, scroll down to get the specific DNS records to add to your domain.

Add the following MX records to your domain - use the Copy button to copy the exact values, then paste directly into your DNS settings:

After adding the MX records, add the following TXT records. These SPF and DKIM records help verify your domain so that your emails aren't caught up in your recipients' spam filters. You'll be asked to confirm that you added these records before moving to the next step - click the confirmation check box and select Continue:

Setting up your mailbox

Enter your mailbox local-part (the mailbox name that takes up the first part of the email address before the "@"), the mailbox owner's full name, and your access password, then click Create Mailbox:

After clicking Create Mailbox, you will be prompted to log in to your new Business Email account!

For more in-depth assistance with your mailbox setup, you can access the Titan Mail Help Resource.

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