How Can I Connect My Domain To My One Page Site?

While your One Page Site comes with a free customizable domain, you can personalize it even further. The LOGO Pro Plan allows you to connect your own custom domain to your One Page Site! Follow these steps to connect your domain:

  1. Log into your One Page Site settings.
  2. Click the three dots at the top right of your One Page Site.
  3. Click Connect Custom Domain.

You'll be given two options:

If you are using a domain:

Select which of your domains you'd like to add:

You'll get a domain verification message - click Finish and you're done! It can take up to 20 minutes for the verification process to be completed, but shouldn't take that long.

If you are using an external domain:

Please note that connecting to an external domain will require you to access your domain's DNS settings - you will need to add DNS records to complete the connection.

List of Common Domain Registrars - Link to DNS Setting Instructions:

Enter your domain, and click Continue:

Add the following CNAME record. To avoid typos, select Copy to copy the Name and Value, and paste it directly into the DNS record:

Add two TXT records following the same process:

The final step would be to forward your domain so that you can use it without the www - copy the domain and add that as a forwarded domain in your DNS settings:

Once you complete these steps, your domain should work with your new One Page Site!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at - we're here to help!

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