Create The Perfect Business Card With Stitch

The Pro Plan gives you access to Stitch, our multi-purpose design tool. Stitch has several preset templates that allow you to easily create a business card that reflects your brand identity.

The first step before starting in on any Stitch template is to make sure that your Brand Details have been completed - many templates pull your information directly from those fields, so completing that section can save time manually adding details to certain templates in the future!

You can find Business Card templates under Business Cards. You can select from a number of preset templates in either square or rectangular formats.

The Business Card templates come in three basic shapes - rectangular horizontal layout (1050px X 600px), rectangular vertical layout (600px X 1050px), and square (600px X 600px). You can find the dimensions of each template by hovering your pointer over the template:

After you select your template, you'll be brought to the Canvas to customize it:

On the Canvas, the workspace is located in the centre:

The Design Tools are located on the left hand side:

Contextual controls will appear at the top of the Canvas - these change depending on the specific tools and elements being used. Note that the area highlighted is empty, as no element on the canvas is selected:

Business Card templates use two pages - one for each side of the card. You can access the flip side of the card under the Pages tab, where you can add, duplicate, and remove pages from your template:

The Stitch Canvas uses a drag-and-drop interface - elements in the canvas can be individually selected and moved around. Elements can be resized using the blue "handles" located on the outline of the element.

The Transform controls allow you to flip and rotate the element on the canvas, and the Layering controls allow you to change the order of how items are layered on top of each other - for example, pushing a layer forward will place it on top of other elements, while pushing it backwards will push it behind other elements:

The Canvas controls allow you to change the dimensions of your template - there are preset dimensions available for you to select, or you can manually enter a custom width and height in pixels.

The Design Tools themselves are divided into four categories:

  • Elements
  • Brand Assets
  • Text
  • Uploads

Elements contain Shapes, Photos, and Masks:

Shapes can be added as a solid-colour background item - you can specify your preset brand colours, or add a custom colour for the body and outline of the shape.

Click here to access a short video reviewing how to use shapes in a template.

See how you can use the Layering tool in conjunction with the shape and the existing logo to create a solid background

Stock photos are available to select - you can select them from the menu directly, or click See More to open a search bar and search by keyword:

Masks are used for shaping photos on the canvas. Photos are added in a square or rectangular format, but using a Mask will allow you to shape your photo.

Click here to access a short video reviewing how to use masks in a template.

First select the shape that you'd like for your photo - double click the shape to add it, or drag-and-drop it:

Add your photo and drag it over top of the mask to shape it:

When working with Masks, you can add image effects, flip or rotate it, duplicate or delete it - just like any other layer.

Brand Assets allow you to drop in several different variants of your brand's logo, preloaded right into the template! Just double-click or drag-and-drop the logo into the Canvas.

You can also use the Your Fonts shortcut to instantly add a line of text into the Canvas in one of your logo's selected fonts and colours.

Text will give you an open field to type in a text element into the Canvas. Like all other elements, you can move and resize the bounding box of the text element. Controls at the top of the Canvas give you additional font, size, and formatting options.

Visit the blog for some great insights into what makes an effective business card, or check out our guides to launching your business.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at for additional support for your business card templates!

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