Managing DNS records

How and where you add, edit or delete your DNS records depends on where your DNS is hosted. This is determined by where your nameservers are pointing. There are two possible options for where you'll manage your DNS:

  1. Your domain is registered with and is using our nameservers: you'll manage DNS settings through your account.
  2. Your domain is registered with any company, but is not using our nameservers: you won't manage DNS with us at all. You'll need to work with your DNS and/or website hosting company instead.

If your DNS is with us, you can add, edit or delete DNS records in your account.

  • A record: The primary DNS record used to connect your domain to an IP address that directs visitors to your website.
  • CNAME: A type of record that also adds a prefix to your domain name and is sometimes referred to as a type of subdomain. A CNAME can't point to an IP address. It can only point to another domain name or URL address.
  • MX record: Manages your email address and makes sure your email messages get to your inbox. Different email services use different MX records, and email with is automatically set up for you.
  • TXT record: Allows you to verify domain ownership and setup email sender policies.
  • SPF record: A type of TXT record that lets you set up email sender policies. This is an advanced type of DNS record.

Access your DNS settings

  1. Log into Your Domains dashboard.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Click the domain URL in the table.
  4. Click the DNS tab.

Add, Edit, or Delete DNS records

  1. To add a new DNS record - click Add New Record, enter the details and click Save.
  2. To edit an existing DNS record - click the pencil icon under the Edit column, make your edits and click Save.
  3. To delete a DNS record - click the trashcan icon under the Delete column, then click Delete Record to confirm deletion.

Did you know? Most DNS updates take effect within an hour, but could take up to 48 hours to update globally.

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