Branding Your Email With The Email Signature Maker

The Pro Plan gives you a newly-updated tool to help make sure that your brand is communicated with every email - the Email Signature Maker.

Check out a short video walkthrough:

(Note that the Email Signature Maker is most effectively used with the Google Chrome browser)

The Email Signature Maker can be found on the left hand menu. Get started by clicking Create Your Signature:

You'll be prompted to select the brand that you'd like to use:

Select a layout for your email signature, then click Next. Don't worry if the placeholder text doesn't match your actual information, you can edit it later:

You can change the layout by selecting Choose a different template.

Controls are divided into to main sections that you can switch between using the buttons on the far left.

Information allows you to tailor the contact information automatically pulled from the Brand Details page, add a new image for your signature, and tailor your social media links, while Design will allow you to select

Information options include:

  • The option to change your email signature template
  • The ability to tailor your contact information
  • The option to change the image on your signature
  • The ability to add social media links
Change template option
Contact information fields
Signature image option
Social media links editor

Design options include:

  • The option to change colors for all text items in your signature
    • When making colour changes, your brand colours will be pre-loaded as one-click selections, although you will also be able to use the Colour Picker to generate a custom colour:
  • The ability to change the style and color of the social media buttons
Select a color for each text element
Select a style and color for your social media buttons

Click Finish to complete your signature. When you're ready to add your new signature, click Copy to Clipboard, then paste directly into your email client's signature settings. If you are unsure of where to find the signature settings for your specific email client, click How to add it to my email. Click Finish once you've completed your edits.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at!

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