Upload Your Letterhead Into Google Docs or Word

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The LOGO.com Pro Plan Letterhead Designer is meant to be used to generate image templates to send to your preferred printer for bulk paper printing, but did you know that you can use the file to create an electronic version in Google Docs and Word as well?

In this article, you'll learn how to download letterhead templates and how to use them in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Download the Letterhead templates

  1. Log into your LOGO.com account.
  2. Click Marketing in the top bar and click Letterheads.
  3. Pick a template you like.
  4. Customize it using the designer window. Changes are automatically saved for your convenience.
  5. Rename it by clicking the name at the top right.
  6. Click Download at the top right.

Google Docs:

In order to add your full page letterhead image into a document template, you'll need to add it as a watermark, and then make a few adjustments:

Select Insert->Watermark - a watermark control panel will open up on the right hand side:

Click Select Image, then either drag and drop your letterhead file, or click Browse to find it

Once you've selected your file, a Watermark Menu will appear on the right hand side:

Uncheck the Faded box to make sure that the letterhead is fully visible (rather than a faded background watermark), then click More image options - an Image Options menu will appear. We'll need to adjust the Sizing and Rotation, as well as the Position settings:

Under Sizing and Rotation we'll need to adjust the size to cover the entire document, not just the standard printable text area. Select a width of 8.5 in (or if your Google account is set to use metric measurements, 21.6 cm). As long as the Lock Aspect Ratio box is checked off the height will adjust automatically to 11 in (or 27.96 cm)

Under Position, make sure that the layout indicated on this screenshot is selected (centred), then click the X in the corner to leave the Image Options:

Click Done at the bottom of the Watermark Settings, then just click anywhere outside of the document area and your letterhead should be ready to go! You will be able to type over top of your letterhead image with all of the correct margin settings preset!

Microsoft Word:

To add letterhead to Word, it needs to be added as a background image:

  • Select Insert->Picture. Select the letterhead file that you'd like to use. The letterhead image file will be placed into the document, but not extended beyond the print margin.
  • Right-click on the image within the document, and select Size and Position.
  • In the tab marked Size, scale Width and Height to 100%.
  • Under the Text Wrapping tab, select the wrapping style Behind Text.
  • Under the Position tab, set Horizontal Alignment to Centred relative to Page, and Vertical Alignment to Top relative to Page.
  • Click OK - the letterhead should expand to the full width of the page beyond the margins.
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