Resize and Customize Your Logo On-The-Fly

Although the Logo Design Engine generates a wide variety of preset versions of your logo, sometimes you need that custom size and proportion to make it work. That's why Pro Plan subscribers have exclusive access to the Logo Resizer tool!

Access the Logo Resizer from the Dashboard menu:

Use the Width and Height fields to change the dimensions of your logo in pixels - click on the padlock icon to be able to change the proportions of the logo as well:

The Padding Percentage slider allows you to add spacing around your logo:

There are other options at your disposal - you can select different colours schemes for your logo, including inverted (one of your key brand colours as the background with a monochrome logo on top), as well as basic black or white:

You can choose a custom colour for your background, or remove it completely by clicking Transparent Background:

Use the Logo Type option to choose from different variants of your logo, including the Full Logo, Name Only, Icon Only, and more!

When you've finished your adjustments, click Download and select a file format to get your newly sized logo!

To learn more about the Logo Resizer or how you can accelerate your business with the Pro Plan, reach out to us at!

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