Can I copyright or trademark my logo?

Yes, you can. When you download a logo from us, you own it and have the right to use it for any commercial or non-commercial use. However, we don't provide copyrighting or trademarking services.

You may be able to file a copyright or trademark on the whole logo you have purchased, but not any of the individual elements that make up your logos such as the icon or the font. The individual elements that make up your logo are created by or pulled from our uniquely curated database of logo elements and are not eligible to be copyrighted or trademarked. cannot provide legal advice on trademarks or copyright. We cannot guarantee that your logo will be unique and eligible for a mark of any kind.

If you are placing a copyright or trademark you should seek the assistance of a professional attorney in your country, province, or state.

Take a look at the websites below for more information about trademarking. You can always search online if your country is not listed.

Trademarking Websites by Country:

For more information on trademarking or copyrighting your logo, you can check out our blog post on what you need to know about trademarking your logo.

You can also take a look at our Terms & Conditions to see our full terms and restrictions.

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