If your LOGO.com logo kit came with a credit for a free domain name from Hover you
can redeem this from within your LOGO.com dashboard.

It takes about 5 minutes depending on how easily you find your matching domain name. We've made it super easy to claim your credit. Simply click on the Manage Domain in your LOGO.com dashboard.


From there you will go over to Hover.com where you receive the first year free when you register a new .online, .site, .store, .website or .tech (and more). Search for a domain and in the results, you will see which versions of your domain are available with the first year free. You will also be able to see the renewal price for subsequent years. This is not a long-term commitment with Hover. If you have another registrar that you prefer, you are able to transfer your domain to another registrar prior to renewal.

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