In your LOGO.COM account dashboard you will find not one, but dozens of different file sizes and formats!

Low-resolution: 1000px x 750px

High-resolution: 2000px x 1500px

Here are some of the logo files you can expect in your kit (depending on the kit you purchase)

  1. Low-resolution logo

  2. Low-resolution logo - black background

  3. Low-resolution logo - white background

  4. High-resolution logo

  5. Logo without background or margins

  6. Logo without background or margins - white

  7. Logo with an inverted palette

  8. Logo with the inverted palette - no background

  9. Logo without background or margins - black

  10. Vector logo - no background

  11. Vector logo - with background

  12. Business name only

  13. Logo without slogan

  14. Align left

  15. Align top

  16. Align right

  17. Align bottom

  18. Without icon

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