My domain isn't activated yet. How do I fix my settings to make my site live?

To activate your domain name online, you have to ensure that your DNS settings are set correctly. Once your details are correctly inputted, your website can go live. 

Kindly keep in mind that these values are specifically for the website builder under Duda, and they will not be applicable to other website builders.

Follow these steps to set up your domain and website with

1. Log into your dashboard

2. Click on 'Domains' in the left-hand panel

3. Under Your Domains, click on Manage (gray button). This will take you to your domain manager.

4. Click on your domain name

5. Click on Manage DNS

From here, you will start seeing your DNS records. Adjust the following data to connect your domain name to the website builder.

CNAME record: 

Click the edit button for the CNAME record, enter in the Value field, and click save.

A record:

Click the edit button for the A record, enter in the Value field, and click save.

Add another A record:

Click the blue "Add" button on the upper right of the page and select "A" under "Type." Enter the @ symbol in the Name field and enter in the Value field. 

Click TTL and select "Custom." Enter 600 in the Seconds field, then click Add Record.

You've finished making edits, so please make sure to save all your changes.

Your DNS settings are now completely set up! Please take note that it still takes 24 to 48 hours for a new domain to be indexed by a web browser. 

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